Healthcare Professionals: Time for A Career Check In

Healthcare Professionals: Time for A Career Check In

Healthcare professionals have been living in “interesting” times since early 2020. Pandemic stressors have led many in the profession to leave their current positions. Some have even opted for early retirement in the place of employment in a profession that they deem too difficult to continue with. What’s next in healthcare? As we start a New Year, it’s time for a check-in that will help you determine where you are in your career.

Healthcare Job Market 2022

The healthcare market is booming for both clinical and administrative positions. The latest numbers show the need for healthcare workers will increase by 19% by 2024, which is much faster than other sectors of the labor market. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • The Baby Boomer generation is both older and living longer, so the need for healthcare services is increasing exponentially.
  • More people have health insurance. The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) expanded Medicare and made it illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.
  • The medical profession is aging out. Many doctors fall within the boomer population and thus will retire in the coming years. This will exacerbate the clinical shortages expected in the next decade.
  • Finally, the pandemic itself caused many healthcare workers to reassess their work/life balance, their careers, and their jobs.

For healthcare professionals, the world really is your oyster. The job market will afford you many opportunities in 2022. But you also need to assess where you are personally in your career. This next section will help.

Healthcare Career Assessment

We recommend taking the time to assess your career each year. Whether you’re happy in your current role or are thinking about a change, undergoing a regular self-assessment can help you determine ways to reinvigorate your career.

The days of staying in one job until retirement are quite rare now, even for doctors and nursing managers. While healthcare typically offers the stability where you could pursue one career at one employer for a decade or longer, sometimes a change of scenery is warranted to stave off burnout or increase your income and benefits.

Start with an assessment of where you are today versus where you thought you’d be. Was there a turning point in your career that made your job feel worse? Is there something you can do in your current job to help you reclaim that mission that drove you to work in the healthcare field? Think about:

  • Your key responsibilities.
  • The amount of work and stress you handle every day.
  • If you took on additional work during the pandemic.
  • How your job has changed over the past year.

Now consider the work environment you’re in. Ask yourself:

  • Are you still content with your current employer?
  • Would a job change help your attitude?
  • Do you love the work and your employer but simply feel burned out and need a break?
  • Do you know in your heart that a change is necessary to improve your work/life balance?

At this crossroads, which often comes with the turning of the clock over to the New Year, you can regain control of your career by taking stock. While the working world has changed tremendously over the last few years, healthcare professionals continue to be in high demand.


With 2021 officially coming to an end, it may be time to consider a new career in healthcare with AG Globe Services. Start the conversation. You may find staying where you are and making some changes is the best course of action for you and your family. But if it isn’t, AG Globe Services is the leading agency representing healthcare professionals like you in the nation.

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Tips for Getting in the Holiday Spirit Even if You’re Working

Tips for Getting in the Holiday Spirit Even if You’re Working

While many businesses close down for the holidays, professionals working in the healthcare industry don’t always have the luxury of shutting down and enjoying the holidays at home. If you’re a healthcare professional who will be spending their holidays working, here are some tips to help get you in the holiday spirit and bring joy to your patients.

How Nurses Can Spread Holiday Cheer

Working a holiday shift and missing family time could make you sad—but with some creative effort, you could make the extra effort to make your time on staff more positive by sharing joy.

We know the job is stressful and you’re busy. But could you find the energy to help organize your unit’s holiday decorating? Is there something you could do to make your area feel more festive? Can you wear holiday gear? Could you host a visit from Santa? There are all kinds of creative, low-cost ways to share the spirit. You could even call your marketing team for some creative suggestions.

What about organizing a potluck? You could have all of the nurses bring in leftover plates that you can share. Or, maybe even better, see if the hospital will spring for delivered meals for your team. You’ll support a local business but also give your staff a much-needed lift.

Connect with your family while they’re doing family things during the holiday. Is your Mom baking cookies right now? Try FaceTiming to connect with her. Or, you can set this up for your patients (with their permission, of course) so they can reach out to distant loved ones. Do you have any patients who may struggle with technology? Perhaps you could facilitate a Zoom call from their room so they could speak with their families.

What about singing as you work? This is only a suggestion for those nurses who actually like to sing, mind you. There’s something about singing a holiday song that just gets people into the mood. Of course, wearing a Santa or elf hat is optional. Even wearing holiday scrubs may put you in the mood.

While you’re spreading holiday cheer, take the time to put in for time off. Go ahead and ask for your PTO early for the next holiday season. Also, take care of yourself. If you’re feeling burnt out, take some time off or take time for self-care. We know nurses are the worst at caring for themselves, even as they’re taking care of others. Exercise and eating right are absolutely imperative when stress is high—especially around the holidays.


AG Globe understands the difficulties of working during the holiday season. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and searching for your next assignment, search with AG Globe Services!

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