Perks of Contract Healthcare Work

Perks of Contract Healthcare Work

In healthcare today, you have a lot of options. It’s a candidate-driven market now, which means you have more choices of the types of positions you consider. One of those options is contract work. Over the past several years, healthcare contracting has become increasingly popular for workers who want the increased pay and flexibility of these types of positions. There are many benefits of contract work today. This blog will help you understand why contracting may be a great option for you and your family.

Benefits of Healthcare Contracting

Contract positions in healthcare today can often be tailor to fit your requirements. This means you may be most interested in a contract-to-hire position, where you have the option of seeing whether the role is a fit before you commit. While you may consider contract-to-hire as a way to alleviate hiring risk for employers, the reality today is that you are interviewing the employer as much as they are you. Contract healthcare roles help you understand your options and make the best choices based on your needs, wants, and priorities.

Contract healthcare positions pay better than full-time roles. They also often offer benefits and perks including time off that in years back you may not have expected. Not anymore. Healthcare organizations are desperate for the kind of talent you bring, so you can expect better pay and benefits from these employers.

Healthcare contracting can also help alleviate some of the burnout your full-time counterparts are feeling these days. A change of scenery almost always helps with burnout symptoms and contracting gives you options to take a new assignment or even take time off. The extra money you earn in these roles can provide a nice cushion when you need it. Conversely, you also won’t need to stay in a position where you’re not challenged or where you feel bored. You have options, up to and including taking on a different contract where you feel more engaged.

A contract job in healthcare can also provide you with valuable industry experience. This is particularly beneficial if you are new to the field. Every contract not only gives you a sense of the kind of work environment that you’d like to call home someday, but it also shows which areas of the healthcare field you’d like to specialize in.

Or, if you’ve targeted the organization you’d like to work for but can’t get in the door, check with your recruiter to see if a contract role is available. Ironically, many healthcare companies will hire a contractor well before they commit to a full-time workforce. While a contract job has a specified length, these positions are often extended indefinitely.


While you may worry about job security under a contract, the reality of today’s workforce is that no job is completely safe. Contracting pairs you with a healthcare recruiter at AG Globe who can help you manage the process. Well, before your contract ends, we are already hard at work finding your new assignment. This allows you the freedom to concentrate on doing the job to the best of your ability. We handle the rest. That’s just another benefit of healthcare contracting with our firm. Get in touch with our team to find out how you can benefit from healthcare contracting.

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3 Signs Your Business Could Benefit From RPO

3 Signs Your Business Could Benefit From RPO

If you’re struggling right now to achieve your hiring goals—and who isn’t these days—it might make sense to work with a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm like AG Global Services. What are some of the common signs that it’s time to leave this work to the professionals? How can an RPO like AG Globe Services help your business?

Common Signs You Need to Outsource Recruiting

Hiring is always a moving target. If you’re not hitting the bullseye, it’s a good sign that you need help from a professional services firm like AG Globe Services. When your hiring needs increase, how is your recruiting team keeping up? Do they rely strictly on resume submissions? If that’s the case, you may have noticed that the one key performance indicator of your recruiting team is off-kilter. We’re talking about the time between a job requisition and onboarding. How’s your time to hire these days?

Another sign you should consider an RPO is when your diversity goals are not being met. Building bridges with underrepresented groups for your organization is not a fast or easy process. For obvious reasons, diversifying your organization is a key metric internally. But almost every candidate out there today considers your efforts to diversify as a selling point. Diversifying your teams is important for brand building and attracting high-quality talent. An RPO can help you achieve all of these goals.

What about your technology? Today, RPOs use a lot of it, from computer automation and chatbot to texting and the latest applicant tracking systems. If your organization is failing to keep up with the latest tech trends in recruiting, your candidate experience is likely a poor one. That means you’ll have a more difficult time attracting top talent.

If you have a full-time recruiting team, and many organizations do not, are turnovers in these positions a problem? That’s a red flag that something is terribly wrong within your recruiting workflow. Of course, this also could harm your time to hire.

Benefits of an RPO

Many companies split the HR function by adding in their recruiting responsibilities. This means that recruiting will, in fact, always be the afterthought before other HR-type functions. Today’s intensely competitive markets require constant effort to build networks, particularly in those hard-to-fill roles in engineering, healthcare, accounting, and others that require highly specialized skills. That’s problematic for human resource teams who rarely have the kind of time they need to build relationships within highly specialized industry niches. This leaves them only with a reactive approach to filling recruiting needs. That is something that simply will not net you the best talent in most markets today.


That’s exactly where an RPO can help your business. RPO partnerships allow you to outsource network building, sourcing, and hiring to industry experts that have years in the field. Firms like AG Globe Services bring the top tech along with deeply diverse networks we’ve spent years building. Reach out to our team today to learn more about your options.

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