Building Stronger and Deeper Connections With Your Patients Through Empathy

Building Stronger and Deeper Connections With Your Patients Through Empathy

In the Healthcare Field, we always communicate and relay important information with our colleagues, visitors, and patients through talking. But when it comes to connecting, this is a different topic because emotions are always attached to it. Human beings always link on a deeper level through their minds and hearts. For Healthcare Professionals, the ability to empathize is very important aside from technical skills and general knowledge about your role. In order to build a positive relationship, especially with your patients, you must know where they are coming from. By creating a positive patient experience, most likely is that there is a higher chance of good patient outcomes. In this blog, we will tackle why empathy is vital in every Healthcare role, and how to encourage and maintain this significant skill in every Healthcare facility.

Relationship Between Empathy and Patient Outcomes

According to Merriam-Webster (n.d.), empathy is the ability to comprehend, acknowledge, and feel the emotions, ideas, and encounters of another person from either the past or present, without the need for explicit communication. It involves sensitivity towards others and the capacity to emotionally connect and relate to them on a deeper level. Not every person knows how to give empathy but during needed times, this skill is essential, especially to your patients. To show empathy to a person, we can build rapport with our patients by asking questions that will help them feel safe around us Healthcare Workers such as how they feel at the moment, how is their day, and many more. That way, we can encourage them to follow their treatment plans we were able to recognize their specific needs and concerns.

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Empathy Training for Healthcare Workers

Through proper training and education, we can help our Healthcare Workers develop and/or improve this wonderful ability that they can use in their personal and professional lives. Here are some of the best practices to help our Healthcare Workers develop empathy:

  • Attentive listening training- listening is one of the most powerful skills we should learn because we can interconnect deeper with the person we are talking with.
  • Patient feedback- Gathering patient feedback is crucial in identifying areas for improvement in Healthcare Services. Without directly asking our clients, we will not clearly understand how our healthcare professionals can better empathize with patients. Their comments provide valuable insights that can be used to enhance the quality of care and improve the overall patient experience.
  • Adapting treatment plans to the patient- by taking into account the patient’s individual needs and concerns, healthcare providers can customize treatment plans to their specific situation. This personalized approach can result in improved patient outcomes and a higher quality of care.

In the Healthcare Industry, having empathy as a skill is essential in every Healthcare Employee-patient interaction. As a Healthcare Professional, by showing and demonstrating empathy toward your patients, results are mostly positive in terms of patient experience and outcome because of the rapport you can build with your patient. Empathy is not hard to develop because there is simple education and training that can help you build it. Through this skill, we will be able to create a positive and compassionate atmosphere for our patients in our Healthcare facilities.

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Always Evolving: How Technology and Healthcare Work Together

Always Evolving: How Technology and Healthcare Work Together

In the world of technology, everything is moving at a very fast pace. In recent years, new inventions and innovations popped up left and right. These technological advancements that we hear and see on the news are meant to help us with our daily lives, most especially in doing jobs efficiently. In the Health and Medical sectors, this is a very important point because new diseases are being born as well and this only means that we are keeping up with these new technologies. But here lies an important question, do these new machines and stuff meant to replace our Healthcare Workers in the future? In this blog, we will answer that question and discuss other matters such as how it greatly improves patient care, the implications of technology in ethics and legal aspects, and the inevitable future of Healthcare Careers with modern technology.

The Part of Technology in Delivering Better Patient Care

Ever since technology comes into play, a Healthcare Professional’s roles and responsibilities revolve around it as well because the tool is meant to simplify tasks and to help both the professional and patient. One good example of this is the rise of electronic health records. In the past, everything is pen and paper – too much time being consumed, records piling up in just a short amount of time, and too much space being consumed. Now, we have e-records where one just needs a computer to store all patient records, even many years ago worth of data. This greatly benefitted the Healthcare Workers and the patients. Patients will never have to worry about their previous medical history because the Healthcare Staff can just pull it up in a flash. Their health is monitored from time to time and if a health condition suddenly shows up, the Healthcare Professionals will be able to take care of them right away effectively.

Legal and Ethical Implications of Technology in Healthcare

Of course, if there are benefits, technology can be also harmful when abused or utilized incorrectly. As Healthcare Professionals, we must be responsible enough for how to use these technological advancements properly. One issue that can be tackled here is the data privacy and security of the patients. Many hackers are trying to attack different businesses and the Healthcare Industry is no exception. Tight cybersecurity must be observed at all times to not give these guys a chance to do harm. Health Professionals must also ensure that the data that they are collecting from their patients are gathered and stored carefully. Once a cyberattack happens, this will greatly affect the operations of the Healthcare organization, its reputation, and the patient’s safety.

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Is Technology Going to Replace Our Healthcare Professionals?

We are going to answer the most significant question. No, technology will not ever replace our Healthcare Professionals even if the most advanced technology will be invented in the future. No one will beat the hands, minds, and hearts of a human being. They will always provide the most tender care to every patient in the world. They will remain as tools and will just operate when utilized by a professional.

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Career Spotlight: Scrub Tech

Career Spotlight: Scrub Tech

Every hero has a sidekick. In a Healthcare facility, you may have spotted a person in scrubs working alongside the medical team during an intense operation – that person is their supporting hero. A Scrub Tech or commonly known as a Surgical Technologist is one that keeps an operation safe from any harm. They play a very important role in the operating room, ensuring that surgical procedures go as swiftly and effectively as possible. In this blog post, we will look at the job and responsibilities of a Scrub Tech, the requirements, the career path, and what a typical day in the life of a Scrub Tech looks like.


Who Are They? Recognizing the Essential Roles, Duties, and Skills of a Scrub Tech.


In the operating room, Scrub Techs work alongside surgeons and other medical experts, usually seen at the back beside the apparatus and medical instruments, and hand them over to the surgeon. They are the ones that keep the operating environment clean, sanitary, and well-organized before and after every surgery. They are in charge of putting up surgical instruments, equipment, and supplies as well as preparing the operating room for surgeries. These amazing professionals help the surgeon and other medical personnel during surgeries by delivering them the necessary instruments and supplies, as well as monitoring the patient’s vital signs and assisting with wound closure. Without them, operations will always take too long and possibly affect the outcome of the surgery due to delays, uncleanliness, etc.


Individuals must have numerous critical talents to succeed as scrub techs, including attention to detail, agility, good communication skills, and the ability to perform well under pressure or mental fortitude. Scrub Techs must be well-versed in all surgical processes and be able to anticipate the demands of the surgeon, from the instrument needed to the procedure that should be done next. They must also be able to properly communicate with the surgical team and maintain their cool, most especially in emergency situations.


Qualifications and Professional Path


To become a Scrub Tech, you need to complete an accredited surgical technology program and obtain certification. Opportunities for advancement in the field include specialization and pursuing additional education or training. As medical technology keeps on innovating, it’s very important to stay up-to-date with the latest surgical technology and techniques to maximize efficiency during surgical procedures. At the same time, you might consider joining a professional organization for continuing education and networking opportunities for your professional career.


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Skills Needed, Trends, and Opportunities as a Scrub Tech

There are particular in-demand talents that are required in order to succeed as a scrub tech. The most basic skill needed would be the technological knowledge of surgical instruments and techniques. Soft skills are also vital for a Scrub Tech that includes the capacity to operate effectively under pressure, intense focus on the situation, dexterity, and attention to detail. While scrub technologists collaborate closely with other members of the surgical team, strong interpersonal and communication skills are also crucial because it avoids mistakes that can be critical to the survival of the patient.


Working as a scrub tech has its advantages and challenges. The potential for career progression, the chance to have a significant impact on patients’ lives, and a strong sense of teamwork are just a few advantages. The hours can be long and unpredictable, and the work is undoubtedly physically and mentally taxing due to the heavy atmosphere in most surgical procedures. At the same time, Scrub Technologists are always vulnerable and exposed to different harmful substances and instruments, and infectious illnesses. Personal hygiene and clean surroundings should be observed at all times.


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How to Find the Right RPO Partner

How to Find the Right RPO Partner

Recruitment is crucial and is the driving factor of company progress. Your employees, as well as the candidates that they find, are the gears that keep your company running. Finding the right talent can be a tough and challenging task. Many companies have shifted to Outsourcing Recruitment today as finding the right talents through experts is more efficient. But there is one question, how do you find the right Recruitment Outsourcing Partner? There are many competing brands that are looking to partner with you and your company. Therefore, it will be important that sift them thoroughly.

In this blog, we will help you how to find the right Recruitment partner by covering key factors when evaluating Outsourcing Partners, questions to ask when interviewing a potential Recruitment partner, and the best practices for developing a strong relationship with your Outsourcing Partner.

It is essential to understand your organization’s needs and goals in terms of Recruitment goals, requirements, and challenges as the right Outsourcing Partner will be able to answer all of these through their services.

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Factors When Evaluating RPO Partner Candidates

To find the right partner, you will also need to identify the experience, reputation, and expertise that they can bring to the table. If their services are proven and tested in the industry, they will be able to strategize around your company’s Recruitment requirements and goals.

Questions to Ask When Interviewing Potential Recruitment Outsourcing Partners

Just like any job interview, a candidate must win the heart of their interviewer. In terms of finding the right Recruitment partner, they must be able to answer important questions from you.

Here are some questions that you can ask:

  • What is your company’s experience in our industry?

Their experience will give you an idea of how they work in a specific industry.

  • How do you measure success?

An ideal Recruitment Outsourcing Partner should be able to outline the clear metrics that they use to evaluate the success of their Recruitment efforts.

  • What is your strategy for hiring the best candidate for a company?


Your main reason why you examine different Recruitment firms is for them to help you get the best talents for your team. Raising this question should be basic.

  • How do you plan when doing new business with a company from a different industry?

Doing business for a company in a different industry is a challenging task. Knowing their thought process will give you an idea of how they work things out in a completely different area.

  • What makes you different from other Recruitment Outsourcing firms?

This question is a chance for the candidate to give their business an edge vs other companies that want to do business with you.


Best Practices for Developing a Strong Relationship with Your Chosen RPO Partner

When you have decided on your Recruitment Outsourcing Partner, building a healthy and strong relationship is vital to generate the best results from Recruitment efforts. It is important to collaborate efficiently and have clear communication channels. Always remember that effective communication is the key.


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Top 10 In-Demand Healthcare Jobs in 2023

Top 10 In-Demand Healthcare Jobs in 2023

Healthcare is the leading industry around the world due to various reasons like birth, mortality, disease treatment, health checkups, medicine manufacturing, therapies, health training and seminars, and the like. Health is always and will always be the number one priority of all nations no matter what era. That is why different opportunities arise every time in the healthcare industry. Along with Science and Technology that improve patient care and healthcare facilities, the need for professionals in different healthcare fields is growing as well. In this blog, we will discuss the 10 healthcare jobs that are in demand for this year and help you find your dream career in the healthcare industry.


According to US News, here are the top 10 Healthcare Jobs this year (2023):

  1. Nurse Practitioner- if you are a Registered Nurse and want to elevate your professional career, being a Nurse Practitioner might be the best path for you. As the top 1 job for this year, the need for these healthcare professionals is great. Their healthcare services continue to be in demand over the years due to the need for different specialized areas such as preventative care, mental health, and pediatrics.


  1. Physician Assistant- nowadays, this type of healthcare professional is very important and plays a crucial role in improving healthcare services to patients. To become a professional Physical Assistant, one must need a master’s degree program and a license to practice the profession.


  1. Physical Therapist- this type of healthcare Profession is always in need because they work with patients of different ages, from young to adults, to different professions such as athletes and the like. As people are getting more active in today’s generation, these Healthcare Professionals are going to be in demand even in the next years to provide quality of life through movements.


  1. Dentist- not just for showing beautiful smiles to other people, oral health is always important and should be prioritized by each individual because poor oral health can lead to potential health issues. Dentists play a vital role in helping us to have good oral health and keep us away from toothaches to serious diseases.


  1. Veterinarian- more and more people choose to have pets to keep them company at home or sometimes, at work. Veterinarians are important in our society to help treat the illnesses of our pets. Even in agriculture, the need for these professionals is high because they help maintain healthy livestock and prevent possible cases of flu that can be harmful to them and to us humans.


  1. Physician- as the demand for healthcare services continues to grow due to increasing population and improving medical technologies, Physicians will always be in need in all areas, from rural to urban. Job security will never be a problem for these professionals.
  2. Orthodontist- just like dentists, this healthcare profession continues to be in demand. Even if they help patients have beautiful and healthy smiles, Orthodontists have beautiful smiles on their faces as well due to good pay and job security.


  1. Registered Nurse- for basic healthcare needs, Registered Nurses are an in-demand profession because they always fit in different healthcare settings like hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. The need for their knowledge and skills can be found almost everywhere.


  1. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon- when it comes to complex mouth surgical procedures, these professionals are always in need. They help patients that need the removal of their wisdom teeth, and patients that need cleft lip and palate repair.


  1. Nurse Anesthetists- they do not just help patients feel no pain during surgical operations, more importantly, they also monitor the vital signs of the patient throughout the medical procedure. This profession is in demand in different settings such as dental clinics, surgical centers, and hospitals.


These are the top 10 Healthcare jobs for 2023. With the rise of new opportunities and challenges in the Healthcare Industry, the need for different healthcare professions continues to increase throughout the years.


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Achieve Maximum Healthcare Recruitment Efficiency With MSP

Achieve Maximum Healthcare Recruitment Efficiency With MSP

The Healthcare industry always requires top talent in terms of knowledge, expertise, and experience in dealing with patients, their families, and visitors, as well as fellow staff members. Healthcare Organizations are always looking new ways to attract and retain top talent within the industry as Healthcare Professionals are hard to come by. In terms of Recruitment, the rise of Managed Service Providers, or MSPs, has been gaining popularity due to their solutions that help resolve most of the Healthcare companies’ challenges. As we go over this blog, we will learn about the advantages of using an MSP to find the diverse Healthcare Professionals you will need to provide the best care for your patients.

Proficiency in Specialized Recruitment

Recruitment in the Healthcare industry is a very competitive race against hundreds of other organizations that are also continuously searching for top talent. MSPs help level the playing field by providing their knowledge of the Healthcare industry, its challenges, and requirements that must be met in a specific amount of time. MSP partners have a broad system of qualified candidates that they can recommend to companies that require a specific role. This is not always possible in traditional Recruitment, which is why MSP is a great solution for Healthcare Recruitment.

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Cost-Effective Recruitment Through Modern Technology

When it comes to saving costs, as a decision-maker in a Healthcare Organization, you can always trust MSP. An MSP uses modern and innovative ways for Recruitment, such as machine learning, predictive analytics, and AI that helps in terms of assessing multiple candidates effectively. With these modern technologies, MSPs are able to create tailored-fit solutions for Healthcare companies, resulting in higher cost savings when compared to the conventional process. The Healthcare Organizations will only need to pay for the requested services from the MSP. As MSPs use modern techniques in finding the right candidate for the position, most of their Recruitment tasks are already automated, saving your organization time and resources while ensuring top-quality hires.

Diversity and Satisfaction in Workforce

Keeping diversity among your workforce, especially in the Healthcare industry, can be challenging. However, when remodelling your Recruitment model through MSP, it can be done with ease. Recruitment methods are done strategically to tap into minorities or underrepresented groups, making them welcome to work in an all-encompassing workplace culture and atmosphere. MSPs are also capable of conducting diversity training for hiring managers to help break barriers and promote inclusivity and diversity. In this way, it will also improve the candidate’s experience, which helps them have a smooth transition into their new workplace. Additionally, the Healthcare company is also guided by the MSP to make their new hires feel appreciated and respected during their onboarding experience.

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