The Power of RPO in Employee Retention

The Power of RPO in Employee Retention

Recruiting and retaining top talent is critical for companies to achieve their business goals. Many organizations struggle with this, however, and often find themselves struggling to keep employees for the long term. This challenge can be easily solved by Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO due to its nature of sourcing a wider range of candidates across different industries.

RPO is a business process outsourcing service that helps companies streamline their recruitment processes and find the right talent for their organization. It involves outsourcing the entire recruitment process to a third-party service provider who handles everything from sourcing candidates to onboarding new hires. This can be a great option for companies looking to improve their employee retention rates.


Here are some ways RPO can help companies have good employee retention compared to in-house recruitment:

More Efficient Hiring Process

One of the biggest advantages of RPO is the ability to speed up the recruitment process. RPO providers have the experience and resources to find and attract high-quality candidates quickly. By outsourcing this process, companies can fill their open positions faster, which can lead to higher employee retention rates. A faster hiring process also helps ensure that candidates don’t lose interest and accept offers from other companies.

Access to a Wider Pool of Talent

RPO providers have access to a wider pool of talent than companies would have on their own. They have established relationships with candidates and can tap into their network to find top talent. This can be especially beneficial for companies that are looking to recruit in niche industries or roles where there is a limited pool of candidates. By having access to a wider pool of talent, companies are more likely to find the right fit for their organization, which can lead to higher retention rates.

Expertise in Recruitment and Talent Management

RPO providers have the expertise and knowledge to manage the entire recruitment process, from sourcing candidates to onboarding new hires. They understand the best practices for attracting, interviewing, and selecting top talent. Additionally, RPO providers can help companies create a positive candidate experience, which can lead to higher retention rates. By outsourcing recruitment to an RPO provider, companies can benefit from their expertise and focus on their core business operations.

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Reduced Cost Per Hire

Outsourcing recruitment to an RPO provider can also help companies reduce their cost per hire. RPO providers have the resources to attract top talent while reducing costs. They use economies of scale to negotiate better rates for job postings and advertising, which can save companies money. Additionally, RPO providers can help companies reduce the cost of turnover by ensuring that the right talent is hired from the start. By reducing costs, companies can reinvest in their employees, which can lead to higher retention rates.

In conclusion, RPO can be a great option for companies looking to improve their employee retention rates. By outsourcing recruitment to an RPO provider, companies can benefit from their expertise, access to a wider pool of talent, a more efficient hiring process, and reduced costs. By hiring the right talent from the start, companies can reduce turnover and create a positive work environment that attracts and retains top talent.

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From Talk to Treatment: The Vital Role of Communication in the Healthcare Field

From Talk to Treatment: The Vital Role of Communication in the Healthcare Field

Every step starts with communication. To make an idea work, you must communicate with your teammate. An excellent outcome is a result of effective communication. In the Healthcare field, along with medical and technical proficiency, this is a must in order to provide the best quality of patient care. Through communication, we build trust in our patients so they are not worried and scared about their condition or the treatment process that will be going into. In this blog, we will tackle the power and importance of communication in the Healthcare field, how to overcome language barriers effectively, the uses of non-verbal communication with your team and patients and build great relationships through communication.

How to Overcome Language Barrier in the Healthcare Field

In every field and area, the language barrier is always a challenge due to our differences in nationality, and fluency in a certain language. In the Healthcare field, most of the medical terms, apparatus, diagnosis, and many more are in English. We need to relay this important information to our patients effectively to avoid confusion and reluctance on their end. We can use the help of interpreters on this matter as this will be the most effective and direct approach for this specific challenge. The term and meaning being conveyed is translated correctly. One good solution if you do not have your resident translator in your workplace is through the use of translation apps but expect that it is not always accurate. The language barrier is very crucial because one wrong information inaccurately relayed might result in distrust between you and your patient.

How to Effectively Communicate Verbally and Non-Verbally

As the saying goes, “… to be a good speaker, be a good listener.” In the aspect of Healthcare, this is always applicable. We should always listen to our colleagues, most especially our patients. Knowing their thoughts, feelings, and worries about their current situation is always important because that is the area that we will be working on to lessen their worries while explaining their condition and treatment procedure. The use of empathy is always effective every time we communicate with them because it will help them feel that they are not alone in this situation, and they can always rely on us and our expertise. For patients that have different ethnicities and cultures, we Healthcare Professionals should be culturally sensitive and not invalidate their views and opinions about modern Healthcare procedures, and technology.

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Empower Your Patients by Communicating with Them

As always, never expect good patient outcomes all the time; always be ready for bad news. Communicating this to your patients is probably one of the toughest challenges to do as a Healthcare Professional. Different kinds of emotions will definitely come after next so we must be careful and more sensitive on this part. Though we need to impart this important information, we should always empower them by effectively communicating because if we connect with them successfully, there is still hope and a high chance for good patient outcomes.

The key to a good and positive outcome in Healthcare starts and ends with effective communication. Conducting training and education for this soft skill is always important as it also helps your Healthcare Professionals to improve professionally.

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