Recruitment Outsourcing: 10 Challenges RPO Can Solve 

Recruitment Outsourcing: 10 Challenges RPO Can Solve 

So you want to know, when should you consider recruitment outsourcing? We’ve got you covered! Here are 6 main challenges that indicate you should consider partnering with an RPO service provider. 

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You Don’t Have Recruitment Technology   

Recruitment technologies can be very costly to companies that aren’t consistently hiring all year round. Say, for example, your company is looking to hire for a few positions every five years. In this case, having up-to-date leading recruitment technology would be a waste of money since the use will not justify the cost. These technologies are so costly that they have the power to wipe out your recruitment budget before you even have time to get to the interview stage, it just isn’t worth it. That is where partnering with an RPO comes into play! An RPO provider will give you access to the latest recruitment technology ensuring that you have access to the best talent and candidates that are right for your positions. This also allows you to only pay for what you need and when you need it, which will significantly reduce your recruitment cost overall.

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You Don’t Have Enough Time 

Balancing the demands of your day to day operations while trying to simultaneously be efficient in recruiting candidates that would be a great fit for your open positions is no small feat. You might find some important projects lingering on the back burner while you try to manage your time in the most efficient way possible to get all your tasks successfully completed. But by following an RPO model, you can free up your much-needed time by outsourcing your recruitment process and leaving it to the talent of an RPO service provider. An RPO is an extension of your company that will take the burden of recruiting off your company’s hands and take on the recruitment process with leading-edge hiring technology that would otherwise be costly to your company.


Your Recruitment Process Is Lengthy  

When time is wasted, money is wasted and your company wants to remain efficient and cost-effective. The longer a position is left open and the longer the recruitment process, the more costly it is to your company’s pockets and overall brand. With the right RPO process, your open position(s) will be seen by the right candidates and will help streamline the recruitment process. In turn, this will reduce costs, improve efficiency, and get the right talent in your doors in a timely manner.  

The Right Candidates Aren’t Attracted to Your Position  

When you partner with an RPO firm, their talent will invest their time in researching and understanding the key elements and goals your company seeks in your recruitment process. An RPO firm will then assess the talent market and find new ways to attract the appropriate talent for your position in collaboration with you. Once a solid strategy has been formed as a result of the collaboration, an RPO firm will then make sure the message to your talent market is clear, engaging, and attracts the interest of the sought-after candidates. This will ensure that you attract, hire, and retain quality people rendering your recruitment process successful.


You Don’t Have Enough Market Knowledge  

If you are looking to begin a recruitment process but don’t know the best way to execute due to not having enough strategic market knowledge partnering with an RPO firm will allow you access to experienced recruitment experts that will have up-to-date information on the best recruitment practices, data on the market, and the latest innovations. RPO service providers ensure that your company will have an advantage due to their experience, expertise, and knowledge about the market. This ensures your company stays ahead in your resources and insights.   


You Want to Hire Quality Talent and Retain Them  

When you are recruiting for a position and need to do so quickly either because of a deadline or the ever-growing competitive market, oftentimes, it results in you having to compromise when it comes to finding quality talent. With an RPO model, finding quality talent regardless of timespan is the objective. RPO providers target qualified candidates and go through an extensive screening process to ensure the right fit for any given position is found. Regardless of the urgency in time, this recruitment process ensures quality is never compromised, resulting in a positive impact on the quality and retention of the hire. 



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So how do RPO service providers benefit your business? The RPO process streamlines your recruitment process, delivering significant time and financial savings to your company while finding your company the most qualified talents. All this is ensured when you partner with the right RPO firm. Contact AG Globe services and find out for yourself how our effective and efficient talent can allow your company to yield successful results with our RPO model.

Where is the RPO Industry Headed?

Where is the RPO Industry Headed?

The world of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is making a shift and inquiring minds might be wondering, where is it headed? Before we dive into where the RPO industry is headed, we first have to look at where it was.

CEOs and Corporate leaders love to see their company’s dollar stretch while still providing results in the company’s favor. In-house recruitment programs can be costly and time-consuming  enter RPO providers. With the significant savings these firms bring to companies it was only a matter of time before partnering with an RPO firm became a regular practice. With so many new RPO providers popping up, RPO firms had to look for ways to make themselves stand out, so they started to specialize and made promises to companies to validate their higher price points. All this was to solidify their spot as a reputable and successful RPO provider and to beat the competition.

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But with the competition getting bigger and companies being able to differentiate a sales pitch from actual results, RPO providers had to lower their prices. This then drove the RPO industry market down altogether and resulted in some firms getting bought out.   

Now, with the changing times and the growing tech-centered world, RPO firms have had to evolve and with a closer look, it seems the RPO industry might be splitting off into three avenues: 


The first avenue is the traditional Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO). There are still active RPO firms that are bringing high value to their clients with moderate to minimal investments in technology. They also have great harmony between the recruiting process, the customization of the process, and their recruiters’ experience and expertise. 


The second avenue is the Better People Outsourcing (BPO) solution. This would be a method in which the technology is relied on due to its efficiency. Also, the process of recruiting the right fit for a company is most important instead of the recruiter being the most important aspect. Lastly, the customization of the RPO process is kept to a minimum. In this method, the firm will be most invested in the ease, accuracy, and efficiency of the technology to bring about success in finding the right fit for whichever role the partnering company wants to be filled. With the customization being kept to a minimum, the actual operations and efficiency at which the recruiting process should be executed can take priority. 


The third avenue is the Agile Recruitment Services (ARS) process. This form of recruitment came about due to a competitive employment market. This method gets rid of the RPO/BPO route with longer contract options and instead works with shorter contracts between the company and the partnering firm. It’s primary focus is on the in-house talent and service industries. One firm might focus on limiting spending while the other might focus on planning networking and hiring events. The ARS method is an appealing and welcomed addition to the RPO industry. 

Watching these different avenues of the RPO industry emerge and take flight is exciting and shows the continuous growth between RPO service providers and client relationships. It is encouraging to know that companies don’t have to be alone and waste resources when looking to hire the right person(s) for a position. The benefits of partnering with an RPO service provider are immense as long as you choose the right partnership for your company.

Contact AG Globe Services and let our talent empower your company to source, engage, and find the best candidates for your positions.  

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AG Globe Services, MSP/VMS: From Good to Great

AG Globe Services, MSP/VMS: From Good to Great

A solid understanding of industry best practices in terms of ethics, impartiality, understanding pertinent compliance necessities, maintaining client confidentiality and data security. These are the criteria that makes AG Globe Services’ MSP/VMS programs good. And therefore, AG Globe Services aims for great MSP/VMS program by consistently achieving superior scorecard metrics in every area.

“AG Globe Services is constantly working on raising the bar for their program”

For us, that means continuous improvement that makes the team more valuable, our suppliers, and our clients. That includes concentrating on improving processes, finding and implementing the right vendor management system and other tools, participating in continuing education, perhaps even becoming formally accredited to reinforce and promote our program’s extra value.

AG Globe Services is constantly working on raising the bar for their program, in order to maximize client benefit. That means making the most strategic use of vendor management tools that streamline workflow and return the greatest visibility into results, always with an eye on tailoring for each client. Automation is good, but not if it pigeonholes client needs or fails to allow for individual variation.

AG Globes Services also aims for a great MSP/VMS program by being a full-service working partner and not just simply a contingent staffing clearinghouse. That’s why we are building stronger relationships with our clients by requiring ourselves to seek deeper understanding of individual candidate capabilities, to uncover the right talent with the right fit.

What specifics are we implementing to grow from good to great?

AG Globe Services is working with their hiring managers to develop smooth, efficient work processes. We also conduct internal training to secure positive, committed participation in the MSP/VMS program. This training includes guidance that helps our client effectively integrate and manage an increasingly varied workforce that includes permanent employees, contingent workers, freelance or independent contractors.

AG Globe Services ensures vendor management systems offer enough flexibility to accurately categorize positions or roles, so that we are called into action and that only the most appropriate candidates are presented to our clients.

We develop a great working relationship with vendors by:

Inviting top-flight niche suppliers into your program, to expand diversity and better serve clients with highly-specific hiring needs.
Making sure to communicate intangibles that are important to find top talent, not just fill positions.
Serving as a liaison to ensure suppliers fully understand each client’s overall business goals as well as departmental hiring requirements.
Ensuring suppliers receive timely, detailed feedback about every aspect of their work.
Consciously working to identify their concerns and working to allay them.
Going from good to great is a process in itself. You’re becoming a working partner that both clients and suppliers can trust implicitly and count on to help them grow. That’s essential because, in the end, your program’s success depends on the success of your clients and your suppliers.