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Not an agency.

We are an extension of your recruitment process.

With business constantly evolving due to competition, shortage of good talent and high demand, AG Globe is the solution for your business. We are an Offshoring company specializing in Recruitment Process Outsourcing. RPO is key to helping our clients in bringing their business to a higher level of success.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with Global Operations based in Philippines, we offer offshoring support with the finest talent in the Recruitment arena. Our priority is to tailor our RPO services to meet your exact needs, thus speeding up your hiring process while reducing cost. This enables your company to focus solely on your business.

We provide global RPO solutions to multiple organizations by enabling access to the right talent at their fingertips.

Using a robust methodology of understanding and assessing our clients, we are able to provide a recruitment solution that is custom tailored to fit their needs.

About Us
Increase Workforce Productivity
and Employee Retention
Reduce your cost per hire by up to 60%
KPI Driven high quality level of service
Reduce your time to hire by up to 50%

Our Values

We are a global company always looking to provide the best quality in its services and products.

About Us

Team Work

Best Team: Fully committed professional team from Recruitment Specialists to Account Managers through to in-house Training Specialists.

Experience Across Multiple Industries: Our Sourcing and Recruitment Specialists are experienced with hiring processes across multiple industries.

Dedicated Resources: Our assigned sourcing team and recruitment team are highly dedicated to our client’s business. We are your partners when it comes to partaking in your business culture.

About Us

Trusted and Confident

Operational Efficiency: We’ve increased the effectiveness of our partners’ recruitment strategies by outsourcing resource-intensive tasks to our experienced team. An external allocation of resource-intensive duties allows our client’s staff to focus on their strategic priorities.

Quality Assurance: Quality assurance is our main priority during every step of service delivery. Our comprehensive hiring policies and training programs will ensure the consistent performance required by our clients in order to achieve the best possible results.

Transcending Time zones: We provide support across all time zones.

About Us


Relationship Building: We give high respect to each and every individual in our team in terms of their views, ideas and integrated decisions. We strive to maintain high spirit and professionalism in and out of AG Globe Services Incorporated.

Coaching & Team Leadership: Our team facilitates a high level of collaboration and cooperation to achieve business goals and synergy in handling constructive feedback, ideas, skills, and in building intelligent and effective decision-making processes.

Achievement Orientation: We are committed to maintaining high quality standards and taking ownership to accomplish set goals.


About Us

Cost-Effective and Innovative

Continuous Improvement: We always look for innovations that could increase the quality and productivity of our recruitment process. Recruiters, Sourcers and Account Managers watch for trends and apply new technology that will provide potential industry growth.

Client Benefits: Our business partners achieve better results at lower cost:

    • Skilled recruiting staff
    • KPI driven high quality level of service
    • Flexible hiring process
    • Immediate Cost Savings

What is RPO?

An RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) is a form of practice, where an organization outsources a portion or the entirety of their talent acquisition or recruitment process to a provider with the aim of increasing efficiency to their existing model.

Alliances & Foundations

We are a human-driven company. We aim for a better world doing what we love most. AG Globe is always contributing to society as a member of multiple associations and also as an active member of foundations around the world such as:

About Us
About Us
About Us

Going against the grain of traditional recruiting models, we seek to improve, modernise and calibrate your Talent Acquisition Practice.

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