Case Studies

Study 1: Cost-Effective

This study shows the effectiveness and cost of using an AG Globe vs. using an Industry Standard Agency. 

Case Studies
  • Graph is based on cost comparison of adding a local resource cost vs. AGG outsourcing cost.
  • Increase of Local Resource cost is based on 6% global inflation average YoY (Year over Year).
  • AGG outsourcing cost increase is based on 3% inflation average based on country of CoE.

*Industry Data Cost Captures: Salary, Benefits, Data Mining Tools, Real Estate and Equipment and Agency Fees.

*AGG Data Cost Captures: Monthly Subscription fee.

*The AGG Cost is displayed as an average quantity for informational purposes. Your monthly payment will be calculated based on your selected solution and company size.

*Example above is based on US Dollars.

Study 2: Quality Comparison

This study shows that the quality of service delivery when using an AG Globe specialist is equal to – if not greater than – an internal specialist.


Case Studies

Video Gallery

Case Studies. 

Case Study 1: Automotive Company

One of our Client Case studies from an Automotive Manufacturing and Sales company in the UK. Our successful project at a glimpse, “Partner with us, Grow your Business”.

Case Study 2: Global Retail Company

One of our Clients who is a North American retail giant on our ongoing partnership and successful solutions and manpower augmentation.

Case Study 3: APAC Based HR Consultancy

One of our APAC Client in HR Consultancy where we handled the entire talent acquisition process. 

Case Study 4: North American Tech Startup

One of our North American Tech Start-Up Client where we provided Hybrid Solution.

Case Study 5: Healthcare Recruiting Agency

One of our client in the healthcare industry in the US where we offered Process Target Solution.

Why Choose Us?

We are a company specializing in Recruitment Process Outsourcing – the key to helping our clients in bringing their business to a higher level of success. With business constantly evolving due to competition, shortage of good talent and high demand, AG Globe is the solution for your business. 

Case Studies

Immediate Cost Savings

Cut your recruiting  expenses by half, our clients have reduced their costs of hiring an standard recruiting agency with our RPO based services.

Case Studies

KPI driven high quality level of service

Our main indicator of success is your satisfaction, you deserve an accessible way to hire talent no matter what size your company is, We got You covered. 

Case Studies

Skilled recruiting staff

We offer human solutions, our team is aware all the time, we observe new trends that succeed and apply this to our process, our success is founded in the expertise of our people. 

Case Studies

Flexible hiring process

Whether you prefer to be involved or not in the hiring process, we got you covered. We offer flexible services for those who want to participate and those who don’t.  

Going against the grain of traditional recruiting models, we seek to improve, modernise and calibrate your Talent Acquisition Practice.

To learn more about how AG Globe can service your specific industry, connect with us.

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