Listen up! 10 Medical Podcasts to Listen to this Year

Listen up! 10 Medical Podcasts to Listen to this Year

Staying up to date on the latest trends in healthcare is a requirement of the profession. Medical podcasts offer an easy, time-efficient way to listen in on what’s happening in your field. However, like so many other entertainment and educational vehicles in the digital space, you have many avenues to choose from.

Here are 10 of the best medical podcasts to subscribe to in 2022.

#1 The Board Rounds Podcast is geared for medical students and hosted by four physicians at BoardVitals. These podcasts focus on USMLE Step 1 and COMLEX Level 1 exams.

#2 The Clinical Problem Solvers Podcast is a great teaching tool for going over the process of diagnostic reasoning. This is an absolutely critical skill for the new healthcare professional. Each episode covers a new case.

#3 Surviving Medicine is one of our favorite podcasts, particularly over the past two years. This podcast has a little something for everyone, from the new med student to the seasoned clinician.

#4 TEDTalks: Science and Medicine feature insight from leading clinicians, researchers, and scientists on the breakthroughs and vision that is shaping the healthcare industry. Just like “regular” TEDTalks, this science subset of these popular talks are both entertaining and informative.

#5 Docs Outside the Box—Ordinary Doctors Doing Extraordinary Things is probably the daily dose of inspiration you need to keep going. Consumer reviews of this podcast give it an almost perfect five-stars and for good reason.

#6 2 Docs Talk covers a lot of ground, from ear wax to opioid addiction. We like the podcast because it’s short and to the point; just 15-minutes and you’ll get this week’s primer on a host of topics.

#7 Everyday Emergency will entertain and inspire you. This podcast covers some of the work of Doctors without Borders to combat humanitarian crises around the world. This is a podcast that grips you from the beginning of each episode—highly recommended.

#8 The Second Opinion podcast explores issues related to medical ethics. It goes beyond our daily clinical concerns and addresses the root philosophies behind the practice of medicine. This is one podcast that isn’t afraid to tackle issues head-on.

#9 DocWorking: The Whole Physician Podcast has five-stars on Apple. It addresses what healthcare professionals often ignore—their health and wellbeing. If you, like so many others in the profession decided this was your year to take care of your mental and physical health, this podcast is excellent for addressing everything from letting go of worry to increasing your productivity.

#10 Doctors Unbound addresses what clinicians do with their lives after they leave the frontlines. It’s an important reminder that even healthcare workers lead productive lives outside the hospital. You’ll hear great information on how to manage finances or handle stress through real-life examples of doctors who do it well. But you’ll also learn about lucrative side businesses such as handling rental properties or even ideas from entrepreneurs on new software that the industry needs.


Now that you have a good list of podcasts to keep you up to date in the healthcare field, perhaps you can share what you’ve learned in your next job interview. AG Globe Services is the nation’s leading outsourced recruiting specialist. We work with healthcare organizations to handle their most pressing hiring needs. If you’re looking for a new job, just click here to visit a career page with thousands of opportunities to consider.   

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