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Recruitment Outsourcing: 10 Challenges RPO Can Solve 

So you want to know, when should you consider recruitment outsourcing? We’ve got you covered! Here are 6 main challenges that indicate you should consider partnering with an RPO service provider. You Don’t Have Recruitment Technology    Recruitment technologies can be...

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Where is the RPO Industry Headed?

The world of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is making a shift and inquiring minds might be wondering, where is it headed? Before we dive into where the RPO industry is headed, we first have to look at where it was. CEOs and Corporate leaders love to see their...

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AG Globe Services, MSP/VMS: From Good to Great

A solid understanding of industry best practices in terms of ethics, impartiality, understanding pertinent compliance necessities, maintaining client confidentiality and data security. These are the criteria that makes AG Globe Services’ MSP/VMS programs good. And...

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Revolutionize your Recruitment Process with RPO

During this COVID-19/ Pandemic 2020, companies are currently adapting to transformation during this difficult time by cutting costs, delivery and scalability. Apart from being a cost-effective model, this brings in agility in growth prospects for the organization and...


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Applying Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

Hispanotech is proud to invite you to Applying Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Cybersecurity. As threat actors innovate, so do the defenders. Security Analytics has evolved substantially and today it is difficult to find the signal in the noise of...

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