AGG Healthcare

In today’s fast-paced and evolving world, Healthcare stands as a

foundation of our society – not just an industry but a vital part

of our lives, impacting every individual, young and old. AG

Globe Services is dedicated to assisting patients and Healthcare

facilities by delivering exceptional Healthcare professionals

throughout North America.

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Clinical Nursing


Non-clinical professionals are individuals employed in Healthcare settings who do not directly engage in patient care. Their roles are integral in providing support to clinical staff and maintaining the efficient operation of Healthcare facilities.

Clinical professionals are responsible for providing direct medical care and therapy to our patients, ensuring their treatment and overall well-being. This includes our RNs/LPNs. Nurses are the backbone of the Healthcare industry. Providing support in a wide array of situations, Nurses are at the forefront of patient care.

Allied health professionals contribute to the delivery of medical care by offering a diverse range of diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, and supportive services.

Employee Benefits

AG Globe Services gives utmost importance to the wellness of our team, such as work-life balance, competitive income, and benefits.

Benefits and Incentives:

  • Referral Fee Program
  • Healthcare Benefits Plan (Benefit eligibility is dependent on employment status)

List of Benefits:


  • Medical, Rx, Dental, and Vision Benefit Options Available
  • Maternity Benefits Option Available
  • NO Waiting Period on Medical
  • NO Deductibles on Medical
  • NO Pre-Existing Limitations
  • Includes both In-Patient and Out-Patient Benefits
  • First Health Network
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Dental health
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