A solid understanding of industry best practices in terms of ethics, impartiality, understanding pertinent compliance necessities, maintaining client confidentiality and data security. These are the criteria that makes AG Globe Services’ MSP/VMS programs good. And therefore, AG Globe Services aims for great MSP/VMS program by consistently achieving superior scorecard metrics in every area.

“AG Globe Services is constantly working on raising the bar for their program”

For us, that means continuous improvement that makes the team more valuable, our suppliers, and our clients. That includes concentrating on improving processes, finding and implementing the right vendor management system and other tools, participating in continuing education, perhaps even becoming formally accredited to reinforce and promote our program’s extra value.

AG Globe Services is constantly working on raising the bar for their program, in order to maximize client benefit. That means making the most strategic use of vendor management tools that streamline workflow and return the greatest visibility into results, always with an eye on tailoring for each client. Automation is good, but not if it pigeonholes client needs or fails to allow for individual variation.

AG Globes Services also aims for a great MSP/VMS program by being a full-service working partner and not just simply a contingent staffing clearinghouse. That’s why we are building stronger relationships with our clients by requiring ourselves to seek deeper understanding of individual candidate capabilities, to uncover the right talent with the right fit.

What specifics are we implementing to grow from good to great?

AG Globe Services is working with their hiring managers to develop smooth, efficient work processes. We also conduct internal training to secure positive, committed participation in the MSP/VMS program. This training includes guidance that helps our client effectively integrate and manage an increasingly varied workforce that includes permanent employees, contingent workers, freelance or independent contractors.

AG Globe Services ensures vendor management systems offer enough flexibility to accurately categorize positions or roles, so that we are called into action and that only the most appropriate candidates are presented to our clients.

We develop a great working relationship with vendors by:

Inviting top-flight niche suppliers into your program, to expand diversity and better serve clients with highly-specific hiring needs.
Making sure to communicate intangibles that are important to find top talent, not just fill positions.
Serving as a liaison to ensure suppliers fully understand each client’s overall business goals as well as departmental hiring requirements.
Ensuring suppliers receive timely, detailed feedback about every aspect of their work.
Consciously working to identify their concerns and working to allay them.
Going from good to great is a process in itself. You’re becoming a working partner that both clients and suppliers can trust implicitly and count on to help them grow. That’s essential because, in the end, your program’s success depends on the success of your clients and your suppliers.