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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Global competition is making it more and more difficult for companies to find exceptional candidates quickly and within budget. AG Globe’s RPO services can help your company meet that challenge, from sourcing right through to Full Life Cycle Recruitment.

  • Our Customized Service

    – Our RPO services are tailored to meet your exact needs by managing your entire recruiting / hiring process
    – Our assigned sourcing and recruitment team members are dedicated solely to your business. This increases the quality of candidates, and speeds up the hiring process while reducing your costs.

  • Benefits of our service

    – Cost savings of up to 60%
    – Faster and more efficient hiring process
    – Access to the best candidates and increased staff retention
    – Skilled recruiting staff with experience across all industry sectors and businesses
    – Services are customized to meet your specific needs
    – Ability to meet your increasing recruitment volumes


AG Globe Offshoring

With AG Globe’s offshoring services, you can base some of your resources and recruitment processes overseas to take advantage of our skilled and experienced recruitment team at a lower cost. Our well-educated, fluent in English, experienced staff based in Manila, Philippines will grow your business and reduce your overhead.

  • Sourcing Service

    AG Globe’s sourcing services are structured to meet each of our client’s individual needs. Our sourcing specialists use the latest techniques to efficiently identify candidates worldwide who match or exceed our clients’ specifications, which allow your company to focus on more complex tasks.

  • Full-Life Cycle Recruiting Service

    AG Globe’s full lifecycle recruitment services enable your hiring process to run smoothly, more efficiently and at a reduced cost. AG Globe will give you access to the best candidates, provide strategic support throughout the recruitment process and reduce the time-to-hire by:

    – Sourcing and screening candidates
    – Arranging interviews with the most qualified candidates
    – Completing the hiring process and handing the onboarding process to your representative for completion


To learn more about how AG Globe can service your specific industry, connect with us through our secure contact page or call our toll-free number at 1-866-639-2191.


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