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Our professional team members have been selected through our comprehensive hiring criteria that include experience, education, expertise and business communication skills. We pride ourselves with the level of service provided by our well-educated and fluent English speaking staff.

Account Managers
Our Account Managers have the expertise to match our services with the needs of your company. Open and transparent communication with our clients brings about the best results on time and on budget.
Recruitment Specialists
Our Recruitment Specialists provide strategic support throughout the recruitment process, reducing the time-to hire by pre-selecting the most suitable candidates.
Sourcing Specialists
Our Sourcing Specialists use the latest techniques to quickly and efficiently identify candidates worldwide who match or exceed your specifications.
Training Specialists
Our Training Specialists are constantly looking out for the latest innovations in the recruitment process so our staff can provide the best services possible to our clients. We offer a full range of training programs to help our company get the most from the latest tools, technologies, and techniques.

Experience Across All Industries

Our Sourcing and Recruitment Specialists are experienced with hiring processes across all industries.

Continuous Improvement

We are always looking for innovations that could increase the quality and productivity of our recruitment process. Recruiters, Sourcers and Account Managers watch for trends and new technology that show potential industry growth.

Client Benefits

Clients that partner with AG Globe achieve better results at lower cost as shown in reference to Case Study #1:

  • Cost savings of up to 60%
  • Quality level of service
  • Employee retention
  • Skilled recruiting staff

Operational Efficiency

AG Globe increases the effectiveness of your recruitment strategies by outsourcing resource-intensive tasks to our experienced team. By allocating resource-intensive duties externally, this will allow your staff to focus their time on more complex duties.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is our primary consideration during every step of service delivery. Our comprehensive hiring policies and training programs will ensure the consistent performance of our staff so that our clients achieve the best possible results.

24/7 Service

AG Globe provides support across all time zones.

Dedicated Resources

Our assigned sourcing team and recruitment team are highly dedicated solely to your business and will become a part of your business culture.

AG Globe provides secure offshoring services regardless of your company’s hardware and software profile.

Connect With Confidence

Many applicant tracking systems have a built-in connectivity option that allows users to connect through a safe remote connection. If your database does not have this feature built-in, there are a number of applications that AG Globe specialists can use to digitally collaborate.

Remote Collaboration Software

Secure virtual private networks (VPNs) allow our staff to access data from your internal network and perform all necessary sourcing and recruitment duties securely. A remote desktop may also be used. Applications such as Microsoft Remote Desktop allow direct control over your database if your systems do not provide remote access capabilities.

Encryption and Firewall

AG Globe secures all data and communication through encryption. Local storage media such as hard drives automatically protect data as it is created. Software encryption further protects the contents of individual files, including cloud computing storage systems.

Data transmission is also encrypted. For example, those accessing the internet through wireless routers utilize the latest WPA2 protocols to prevent outside access to networks.

All computer equipment is equipped with sophisticated firewall and anti-virus protection.

Risk Reduction

AG Globe’s stringent, enforced security procedures minimize risk.

Secure Hardware

No equipment or data may be removed from our offices.

Employee Security

AG Globe has the following security procedures in place to ensure that your data is kept as safe as possible:

• All employees are thoroughly vetted and undergo comprehensive background checks
• All employees sign legal contracts that include non-disclosure agreements
• All employees received data security and secrecy training
• Access to data is restricted on a need-to-know basis.

Data Resilience and Redundancy

To avert data loss during a natural disaster or catastrophic accident, we backup data daily on-site and over encrypted cloud backup services.

AG Globe considers your right to privacy an essential part of providing service. Our clients, collaborators and personnel enjoy full privacy protection according to local laws and international best practices. The information we collect focuses solely on delivering service to our clients, business operations, and business-related activities.

Our privacy policy outlines the methodology behind our handling of the information that you provide. Keeping your personal data and other sensitive information private and secure maintains the trust necessary to continue our partnership.

1. Transparency


We openly communicate the reason behind the collection of your personal data. In the majority of cases, personal information is acquired for the purpose of providing service for your company. Data shared with employees and trusted partners are comprised of information needed to fulfill sourcing and recruitment support requirements.

We reveal the data we will need to fulfill delivery of service for clients. If you have any questions about the reasoning behind our requests for data, we explain why the information is important to support your recruitment process.

Employees and Partners

Personal information collected from employees and partner organizations allow us to provide compensation, benefits and quality assurance feedback. We also collect personal information for the purposes of legal compliance, and to ascertain our performance.

Similar to our policy concerning clients, we only disclose information needed to perform business functions. We also explain the purpose behind data collection activities. Those who apply for employment with us should expect to disclose personal information appropriate to the hiring process.

2. Informed Consent

Before formalizing partnerships, we explain the Terms and Conditions of private information use for clients, partners, and employees. The documents provided fully discuss the collection and restricted dissemination of private data.

Once you understand the details of the Terms and Conditions regarding the collection and use of your information, you have the option of providing your informed consent. At any time, you may refuse or withdraw consent, although doing so may prohibit us from providing services, working with partners or hiring employees.

3. Limiting Exposure

We collect information according to the needs of business operations, eliminating the acquisition of personal data without cause. This decreases exposure for clients, partners and employees, reducing the risk of exposing your private information.

4. Private Data Use According to Consent Given

AG Globe does not collect or reveal private information without your explicit consent. Any required changes to the Terms and Conditions will be discussed prior to altering private data collection methods.

When required by law, we comply with legally-generated demands for private information made by jurisdictional authorities and/or government organizations. In cases where there is a potential serious breach of contract, law, or national security is an issue, we comply with authorized investigators.

5. Data Accuracy

Accurate, comprehensive information collection allows us to deliver services and collaborate with partners and employees. In order to maintain quality, we will periodically ask to update the personal information you have provided. However, we recommend keeping our staff updated on any changes, as they may be important to the delivery of service.

6. Data Security

In order to keep your information private, we utilize secure storage systems and information technology while providing training that teaches employees best practices that keep data safe. Personal information is never accessible to the general public.

7. Full Disclosure

Clients, partners and employees have the right to request and review the types of data collected, what the data is used for, and the entities who have accessed your data. You also have the right to know why your private data was accessed.

8. Dispute Resolution

AG Globe considers all privacy issues to be of utmost importance. We respond quickly to issues or complaints regarding the Terms and Conditions of the privacy policy in an attempt to resolve disputes to mutual satisfaction.

Please contact us with any questions or comments about our privacy policy.


  • 24/7 operations to meet client expectations
  • Quality controls that ensure that our clients receive the best services possible
  • Regular customized training sessions that are delivered to the team to ensure client satisfaction
  • Call monitoring to meet the following core business objectives:
  • Adherence to AG Globe Services standards of excellence
  • Feedback during coaching sessions
  • Call scoring to help with goal setting objectives
  • Tracking of individual, peer, and corporate progress
  • Identification of team members that need additional assistance through remediation
  • On-going skill building, training, and staff development
  • Ensuring an open, honest, and safe learning environment
  • Continuous improvement of service quality which in turn improves customer satisfaction

Types of Engagements: Permanent and Contract

Areas of Expertise:

  • Engineering
  • Health Care
  • Banking, Financial Services, and Capital Markets
  • Technology
  • Insurance
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Education
  • Oil and Gas